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Earl Hebert, Sr. 1932-2014

Julie’s father Earl Hebert, Sr. died on Saturday, January 18th, at his home in Berwick after a brief illness. He was very peaceful in his last days surrounded by his children and held in love.

Earl lived all his life in his beloved town, Berwick, Louisiana, except for four years as Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. Most of his professional career was spent with Diamond Services, where he rose to the position of Chief Financial Officer and oversaw a wide range of financial and legal affairs during his 45 years with the company. Earl was very civic-minded and served his community in many ways throughout his lifetime. After his death, St. Mary Parish honored his memory by passing a Resolution of Respect for Earl.

Julie remembers one of herDad’s favorite memories was a neighborhood kid knocking on the door and asking her mom, ‘Can Mr. Earl come out to play?’

A good man, a good dad, a good friend.

In lieu of flowers please send donations to the Mitch Hebert Scholarship Fund

You can read his full obituary here

Julie Directs Episode of Nashville: “You’re No Angel Yourself”

“You’re No Angel Yourself,”is the second episode Julie has directed for the country music drama Nashville. The show follows a country music legend as she clashes with a rising young star.

The friends Julie has made in Nashville have a sweet and easy Southern humor and hospitality that she hasn’t found anywhere else.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.
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Julie Directs Episode of Nashville: “I Saw the Light”

Julie headed from Los Angeles to Nashville to direct an episode of the hit series set in the heart of country music. The show chronicles the conflicting dynamics of several country music stars in different phases of their ambitious careers.

Julie relished the opportunity to explore the city and the huge role music plays – all kinds, all the time, everywhere.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.
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Julies BOSS episode “Redemption” tonight & LIVE Viewing Party w/ Kelsey Grammer & T.I.

Join T.I. and Kelsey Grammer tonight @ 9 pm EST (6 pm PDT) on T.I.’S FACEBOOK page, as they stream a LIVE VIEWING PARTY of Julie’s BOSS episode “Redemption” from each of their homes.

They’ll be watching BOSS on STARZ and interacting with and calling fans who answer questions they’ll be throwing out. That’s right– watch BOSS this Friday, head to T.I.’S Facebook page and if you play along you could get a shout out from one of the guys.

Here are the URLS


Twitter Hashtag #BOSSTV
Tweet to @TIP

Julie Joins the Board of the Cornerstone Theater Co.

Julie has joined the Board of Directors of Cornerstone Theater Company in Los Angeles

Cornerstone Theater Company is a multi-ethnic, ensemble-based theater company that commissions and produces plays which combine the artistry of professional and community collaborators. By making theater with and for people of many ages, cultures and levels of theatrical experience, Cornerstone builds bridges between and within diverse communities in our home city of Los Angeles and nationwide.

Julie is honored to serve this company dedicated to changing people’s lives with art and theater. Cornerstone performed Julie’s LA River play, Touch the Water in 2010.

Storying Rape: A Cross-Disciplinary Conversation at the Top of City Hall

In January of 2012, Julie participated in a performance art/panel discussion facilitated by artist Suzanne Lacey as part of her Three Weeks in January project.

The discussion was entitled: “Storying Rape: A Cross-Disciplinary Conversation at the Top of City Hall”

Taking place high atop City Hall, this ninety-minute private conversation with nine civic and cultural leaders focused on how the narrative of rape is shaped in our society and by whom; and asks how reframing this narrative might broaden public understanding and potentially reduce the incidence and/or harm from violence. This is a performance in the tradition of the art-life works of Los Angeles artists in the 1970s, where people enact themselves in an event that is both art and politics. More than twenty journalists will blogged and tweeted live on the conversation to their social media networks.

Julie on the show BOSS

As of January, 2012, working on the Starz Cable show, BOSS as a Co-Executive Producer.

Critically acclaimed Kelsey Grammer won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama for the part of Tom Kane, the politically corrupt mayor of Chicago.

In March of 2012, Julie and the entire writing staff moved their writing room to Chicago where the show is shot.  Julie lived in Chicago for several months writing and overseeing her episodes.  What a great city, what amazing restaurants.

Rome for Christmas

Rome for Christmas – Julie and her daughter Alexis and future son-in-law Aaron spent Christmas in Rome.  After the initial shock of having no place to stay on arrival, the trio settled in to a peaceful few days of eating like emperors, and wandering through museums, backstreets and churches.


“TREE” opens in Atlanta, GA

Julie’s play TREE was produced at Horizon Theater in Atlanta in September 2011.

“I set out to write a play about race and ended up writing a play about family,” says playwright Julie Hebert about Tree, “About the inescapability of family, of being known over time, of recognizing yourself in others, of continuing relationships after betrayal and suffering. In my family (and the one in this play), we have profound differences in our belief systems, our politics, our ways of life… and yet we find a way to sit at the same table. We keep each other honest. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes painful – and so it is with this play.”