Julie started her creative life as a theater director and playwright in San Francisco.  She's written and directed for the Magic Theater, Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens, LaMaMa, The Women's Project, Cornerstone and many more.  Her plays were honored twice with the Pen Award for Drama.

Director, Writer

about Julie Hébert

Julie Hébert is an award-winning writer and director of theater, film and television.


Julie’s work for film has been praised as “intriguingly complex” (Variety) and “pulsing with veracity” (LA Times), with “a raw power that is impossible to dismiss” (Roger Ebert).

Director, Writer


Julie has written and directed for some of the most respected shows in television including American Crime, The Good Wife, Boss, Numb3rs and The West Wing.

Director, Writer


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Picking Cherry Tomatoes in the Apocalypse By Julie Hébert

Hey, an essay of mine just got published in Persimmon Tree! I am thrilled. It’s about a crazy true story — me, Kenn, my garden, a wildfire — I don’t know what I was thinking — but this is what happened. Give it a read and tell me what you think.