Berwick Beacon

So much fun. This month my old friend, Damon Robison, invited me to answer a questionnaire about growing up in our home town of Berwick, Louisiana. He then wrote a short article for the town newsletter, the Berwick Beacon. Here’s the link to the newsletter:

It has spawned a volley of e-mails among some of my dear friends from childhood (featured in the photo above, sitting on the car from l to r: David Luck, Jan Taylor, me, Jody Barbier; standing: Melanie Wallace) where we’re remembering all kinds of rogue activities, including stuffing our science teacher’s beloved Ford Galaxie 500 with newspaper. He didn’t find it funny and made us wear sandwich boards to school the following day, apologizing and promising to wash and wax his car. Such wild kids. Both my parents passed away this year, and that brought me back to Berwick quite a lot, where I’ve been reminded of the value of being from a place where everyone knows you… even all these decades later. So many lovely friends, schoolmates, teachers and parents, have shown support to our family this year, and I am utterly grateful.

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