Look What She Did! behind the scenes 12/05/14

A few photos from our two-day Look What She Did! shoot last weekend in my backyard.

We had Dr. Julie Sgarzi speaking about Jungian analyst Gilda Frantz who at 87 has just published her first book;kvioAm2zeT4ZIkka3YCJnW2oh_bUvrvxFIIIwMDKNKI

Activist attorney Ruth Cusick told us about Magdalena Aguirre a woman who escaped the civil war in El Salvador then sent money back to her family over the years to fund a family compound of four houses;zXtOAtO8xw5nWdUsdh-iairVSJLF2qKzHaE_xUq6f2M

Director Roberta Levitow conjured up Rose Mbowa, known as Mother Uganda, a woman who said no to Idi Amin;ABWDmpjWk2mztRwjZDmEa8hCUWM1nxlgybGJ089KrMk

Playwright Alice Tuan reminded us of Rachel Crothers a woman who wrote and directed plays on Broadway before women had the right to vote;


Business leader Melinda White extolled the virtues of her mentor CEO Maggie Wilderotter, one of the most influential business women in America;


Writer Ellen Gavin touched us with her portrayal of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn a bold and brilliant activist, a self-made woman who changed the world.


We had a blast listening to the stories of these amazing women and recording them for you. The edited interviews will be posted in the New Year.

Meanwhile, hearty thanks to our generous and talented crew this time around: DP Ellie Ann Fenton, Producer and Sound Engineer Courtney Graham, Producer and Bon Vivant Jill Klein, and thank-god-they-know-how-to-do-this-stuff Editors Farrel Levy and Franzis Muller. This project couldn’t happen without a lot of women giving a lot of time and I am so grateful to you all. More fun to come!


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