MARS 2 Premiere: MARS under the STARS


Last week Kenn and I attended the premiere of MARS 2, a National Geographic series I worked on last year. It was an amazing event— MARS under the STARS. We sat outside screening my episode (!) on the rooftop of a hotel, cuddled up in bean bag chairs and MARS blankets. (Should have gotten a photo, but I didn’t…) But— I met Ron Howard, which I was thrilled about. (Opie has grown into such a fine man… thank you, Aunt Bee!) MARS is partly his brainchild, produced by his company IMAGINE.

I wrote on the second season with the dream team of Dee Johnson, David Gould, and Paul Keables. Gould calls us the Spiders from Mars. We had a ball together.

This series is really rather special as it artfully mixes fiction with documentary about colonizing the Red Planet. We wrote a strong dramatic story which was then intercut with interviews with scientists and futurists like Elon Musk about what it will be like to live on Mars. Fascinating stuff.

You can catch Mars 2 on the National Geographic Channel every Monday at 9pm. Please watch and let me know what you think. Here’s the trailer:

The first episode is also online and available to watch at

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