Personal Projects

Mitch Hébert Scholarship in the Arts

In 2012, Julie and her family inaugurated an Arts Scholarship in memory of her adored brother, Mitch. The full scholarship is given each year to a student majoring in Art at Nicholls State University, which is Julie and her father’s alma mater. The Hebert family is raising an endowment to ensure the permanence of this gift.

Look What She Did!

When serving on Jury Duty in downtown Los Angeles, Julie and her friend Jill Klein became curious about the twenty-one story criminal courts building named after a woman they had never heard of, Clara Shortridge Folz. Turns out Clara was amazing, and this discovery led to the creation of our video project – Look What She Did!

We interview people who tell us about a woman most of us have never heard of… who has done something astonishing.  The project is just getting off the ground, but we hope to create an ongoing archive of short videos celebrating crazy-great women as told to us by… crazy-great women. Take a look at our first interview, Jill on Clara:

The Ladies Altar Society

The Ladies Altar Society

When Julie was a girl her grandmother, Anita Aucoin Hebert, reigned as President of the Ladies Altar Society. These women were responsible for maintaining the starched linen altar cloths for St. Stephen’s church, as well as the flowers, the priest’s robes, the rummage sales, offerings for the poor and anything else that came up. Under cover of this “women’s work” they pretty much ran the town. In honor of these fierce, dedicated, spiritual women who found ways to exert influence in their community despite societal proscriptions, Julie convenes a gathering of women writers once a month in her home to read and discuss their work.


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