Look What She Did! (behind-the-scenes)

Sunday September 7th 2014 was the first official shoot for Julie’s new backyard video project Look What She Did! Julie Interviewed four kick-ass gals talking about women who have inspired them, women who have done amazing things to improve our world, but who are not as well-known as they should be.

Look What She Did! was created by Julie and Jill Klein after they served on jury duty at the Clara Shortridge Folts Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles, and began  to wonder who the heck is Clara Shortridge Foltz and why haven’t we heard of her??? They researched her, discovered Clara’s many accomplishments, the foremost of which is that she was the first person to envision and establish the Public Defender system in the United States. Crazy. Naturally the next thought was… imagine how many other amazing women are out there, past and present, who have done incredible things for our society but somehow are lost to history. Julie and Jill have set out to celebrate these unknown powerhouses by asking interesting women to talk about the women who have inspired them with their achievements, their fearlessness, their dedication to making the world better. We want to know about these women, we want to discuss them, we want to remember them. We are in the process of editing our first set of interviews with Jill Klein, Brighde Mullins, Zakiyyah Alexander, and Laurel Ollstein, and will let you know when you watch them online; meanwhile Julie invites you to take a behind-the-scenes peek at  Look What She Did!

This is the first installment of our journey through the lives of fascinating, accomplished women. Send us suggestions for interviews on the Julie Hebert Facebook page, we are collecting names!

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