Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to Julie’s new website! With the help of designer David Gaz ( we are proud to launch the new and improved Julie Hébert website.


Play with the shifting tiles on the home page:

Watch a short video reel of TV directing work:

Download some of Julie’s plays:

Find out about personal projects:

Hear about the latest events with photos and links:

Check out cool production photos and posters:

Discover amazing new friends:

And of course, you can read the About section where Julie shares her journey from the deep south of Louisiana to the west coast of California. Learn about how she started off as a theater director in San Francisco and found her way into television and film while still staying close to her theater roots:

We would LOVE for you to check out the site and let us know what you think. We’ve put a lot of work and thought into making it interactive and fun and will be uploading more video and texts as time goes on.  Check back often.

Especially keep an eye out for edited interviews on our backyard video project:

So bookmark the website and keep in touch. Cheers!

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